Yerba Del Manso ( the Healing Herb)

Yerba Del Manso

For all conditions of man and beast.
Safe and effective . 

Known for centuries as the Healing Herb!

From the Wild Enchanted Wilderness of Southern New Mexico.
You will just wonder what you did without this miraculous herbal salve in your life.


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Only Pure Organic Yerba Del Manso In a base of Olive Oil and Beeswax.


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More Info:

This delightful fragrant herb is an important medicinal herb to the people of the Rio Grande del Abajo and native peoples of the Southwest. She is a faithful friend to those families wanting to care for themselves and their neighbors.

Naturally containing the various compounds which Mother Nature generously gave to her, she has properties of being antibacterial and antifungal. These factors expand many uses already attributed to her.

General Uses: include drinking the plant parts as a tea: many local gente swear it is the cure for cancer.

They attribute it to healing respiratory ailments, arthritis and stomach disorders.

In her salve form, she can easily be applied to cuts, burns, bruises, strained muscles, rashes, skin disorders and sore feet.

This Yerba del Manso has been wild crafted at The Farm Research Center, where “Mother Nature Rules” in New Mexico.

The Farm Research Center is a totally organic and natural setting in which there never have been chemicals applied to the land. It is an enchanting, pristine piece of property nestled next to the mighty Rio Grande River in the heart of Rio del Abajo.

This salve contains only the finest ingredients available: pure olive oil, Yerba del Manso and natural beeswax.